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Dr. O'Carroll began his private practice 36 years ago in Newport Beach and has been actively involved in the community. Dr. O'Carroll has participated in over 35 research projects, has authored several articles in professional journals, and has extensive experience teaching and lecturing to hospitals, conferences and universities.

As medical director of Newport Beach Neurologists' Neurobehavioral Medicine Program, Dr. O'Carroll has not only been instrumental in establishing a comprehensive neurobehavioral program at Newport Beach Neurologists, but is regarded as a pioneer in his work to integrate conventional neurology with psychiatry. He is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Neurology/Psychiatry and Pain Medicine.

The entire staff brings 50 years of combined professional medical experience in treating severe pain and diseases and disorders of the brain and the nervous system. In addition to Dr. O'Carroll, we have specialists in the fields of psychiatry, and clinical psychology in permanent residence. Anesthesiologists are also available for referral.

Pier, ocean, sunset Located in Newport Beach, California, the practice is part of a major medical complex, providing easy and immediate access to state-of-the-art diagnostic laboratories, complete hospital facilities and services, physical therapy, as well as a wide range of medical practitioners in all fields of specialization.

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Mission Statement

Newport Beach Neurologists specializes in the treatment of pain, severe chronic headache, and multiple sclerosis.

Our guiding philosophy is that pain can stem from the body, the mind, or both. Thus, we are structured as an integrative entity equipped with all resources-medical, psychiatric, and psychological-to help patients manage pain and multiple sclerosis.